When Accuracy Is Important

Whether you are hiring, managing, promoting, or training, it’s important to screen-out unqualified applicants before they are hired. We all know interviews are wrong half the time, mental alertness tests have adverse impact, and personality surveys are lightning rods for legal challenge.

We have solutions that save money and reduce turnover.

ANY method to evaluate a candidate is a test; that is, interview questions, application blanks, background screens, test questions, and so forth. We work with vendors and organizations to develop and validate written-tests that screen-in qualified candidates and screen-out unqualified ones.

Be cautious of these bad practices:

  • Borrowing a test from the training room…training room tests were never designed to predict job performance
  • Trusting  vendor claims their test is “valid”… unless they can show it predicts performance for your job in your company
  • Using a vendor that refuses to follow, or does not know about, the “Standards”
  • Using mental alertness tests…although being smart enough for the job (i.e., cognitive ability) is the strongest predictor of job performance, it also rejects the greatest percentage of legally-protected people
  • Making decisions based on personality or type-style tests…they have almost no predictive ability
  • Relying solely on interviews…they are wrong half the time
  • Not understanding the hidden cost of bad hiring practices…up to 50% of annual payroll depending on the importance of the job