Although validated legally credible tests are exceptionally hard to fake, some organizations hesitate to make the commitment to build a custom hiring test. For clients that want to step-up their game, we offer a DIY structured behavioral interview  workbook. Behavioral-based interviewing can be a major step toward reducing hiring mistakes.

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Perhaps the best How-To Behavioral Interviewing Course available. In his own personable style, Dr. Williams outlines his proven system for high impact employee selection.

Most businesses lose money on bad hiring practices, but consider this an inevitable cost of doing business. Wendell Williams shows us that we can minimize these losses using expert interview techniques. And, by taking the guesswork out of the selection process, we can all but eliminate hiring mistakes.

“…every interviewer knows that applicants tend to “fib” during interviews ..that’s why, after they have eliminated all blatantly unqualified applicants, they have almost no luck separating high performers from remainder. They might as well flip a coin…they’ll have the same chance of being right.

Hiring mistakes produce huge turnover, excessive training expenses, a significant loss of individual productivity, and the nasty possibility of getting sued for unfair hiring practices.

SuperSelection shows you how to cut-through interview fog and get to the facts…..”

SuperSelection is 191 pages of expert wisdom delivered in seven, fast-paced workbook sections:

Lesson I: Selection and Placement Basics
Lesson II: Fundamentals of a Job Analysis
Lesson III: Conducting the Job Analysis
Lesson IV: Preparing for the Interview
Lesson V: Measuring Applicant Competencies
Lesson VI: Errors and Omissions
Lesson VII: Other Behavioral Interviewing Applications
Each lesson is followed with a short mastery quiz to reinforce lesson concepts.

SuperSelection should be a required program for anyone in the Human Resources/Personnel profession, or for anyone looking to maximize revenue potential in their company’s selection processes.

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